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I've used huge CSS frameworks in many projects, and at some point in development you'll find that you're only using fifteen percent of the framework or writing a lot of overrides. So you're setting up your post CSS plugin chain to remove unused CSS and then build time slows down ... maybe you know the rest of the story.

So I wondered how long would it take me to write dedicated css for one project and what kind of problems will I face. As a result this site only uses plain css and styled/jsx and it feels really good. In a future version of this page I will add the React component code and descriptions.

The base component architecture is strongly inspired by the css framework bulma which I enjoyed very much in previous projects, and I didn't want to reinvent the wheel.


Open Sans -

Brandon Grotesque -



Title variants

H1 - title

H1 - title borderless

H2 - title

H3 - title

H4 - title

H5 - title
H6 - title


Column 1


Column 2
Column 3
Column width 3
Column width 9
Column width 3
Column width 8 offset 1

Progress Bar